Who we are

Maastricht Photo Festival was created through collaboration of Uschi Prick and Bert Janssen.

As an organizer and moderator in the cultural sector, Uschi Prick combines her experience with a great passion for contemporary photography. Maastricht Photo Festival was born out of close collaboration with photographer Bert Janssen. Already in 2014, photographer Bert Janssen was already planning to organize a photo festival. For years he had missed a stage for photography in the South. With partner Uschi Prick, the main lines, form and implementation of the plan gained momentum. An inventory of the extent and level of photography from the South exceeded the wildest expectations. There is a lot of photography talent in this region. Known, often unknown or unexposed. It deserves a stage according to the initiators.

  • Jean Dols, chairman
  • Izi Wudka, secretary
  • Karin Martens, treasurer
  • Uschi Prick and Bert Janssen, business and artistic management
  • Jorgen Polman and Vincent Tillieux, committee of advisory
  • Boy Bastiaens, graphic design, concept and art direction
  • Karin Winkelmolen, communication and design execution
  • Elfi Brouwers, volunteer coordination and production
  • Sandrien Wansink, education coordination

Thanks to all locations, their employees and our volunteers.

What we do

Maastricht Photo Festival presents photographers from these parts, whose works cross the borders from artistic and geographical perspectives. The ambition of the festival is to encourage diversity and creativity, with the aim to explore the limits of a traditional photography festival. The program includes photo lectures, workshops, lectures, portfolio reviews, guided tours,photo talks, indoor and outdoor exhibitions and locations that are inviting to residents of Maastricht, tourists and photography enthusiasts of all ages. The festival wants to offer a platform for photography in the South and connect people through the "lens-based arts". After the first biennial, the program will continue with photography-related events.

Become a friend

You can become a friend of Maastricht Photo Festival with a donation from € 40 per year.

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  • You receive a discount on the entrance of our events and publications (exhibitions, lectures, workshops, catalogs).
  • You have a chance to win the festival catalog edition 2019.

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Become a partner

Maastricht Photo Festival wants to establish a stage for photography. And wants to establish by:

Talent: giving a chance to promising and or emerging photographers (age not important) and artists who use the medium of photography (multimedia). Experimenting & developing: giving space to respond to shifts within the medium, the volatility of images and how this influences the value of the image. Education: children are growing up with a smartphone and become influenced by it younger and younger. How do they deal with what they see? Being able to look comprehensively becomes more important than ever. Through the right skills and knowledge, they learn how they can relate to the visual culture. Sharing: of knowledge and the latest developments in photography.

As a sponsor you help to realize our ambition to be distinctive in our programming, to enable talent development and to bring photography in the south to a higher level. Companies are very welcome to join Maastricht Photo Festival as a partner. Being an MPF ​​Partner can be done in different ways: from a multi-year collaboration to sponsoring a specific project. This can be an exhibition during the biennial in Maastricht, or a satellite exhibition between the editions, an educational program for schools, children (and the elderly) in the neighborhoods, the talent program for young photographers, or a special win/win project tailored to your company.

Sponsoring is tailor-made. We are therefore happy to use our creativity to come up with a suitable proposal. We are therefore open to consultation and customization with regard to our consideration. There are several options that may be interesting for your company: Marketing: reaching a specific target group by association with Maastricht Photo Festival.

  • Visibility by social media campaigns, website, catalog, program booklet and projects focused on a target group;
  • Relationship management: connecting important customers and relations by special events at one of our international locations;
  • HR: team building photography workshops for (future) employees;
  • CSR: adoption of an educational project;
  • CER: make volunteers from your company available for our organization and during the festival; -
  • Talent: access to a network of young, promising photographers;
  • Company art collection: advice on purchasing photography for offices and building an art collection. Maastricht Photo Festival cordially invites interested companies to express their interest.

Become a volunteer

Maastricht Photo Festival can only be realized thanks to the efforts of our volunteers. Their commitment is invaluable. Do you also want to contribute to Maastricht Photo Festival? We are looking for volunteers for the following working groups:

  • Production (building, lugging, doing odd jobs & organizing exhibitions).
  • Communication (including social media, writing texts).
  • Flyers, put up posters.
  • Back office, administration.
  • Hosts and ladies

Please help us building a structural stage for photography in Limburg? Send an email to info@maastrichtphotofestival.nl

Parking & public transport

For more information, visit www.maastrichtbereikbaar.nl


The press kit can be requested via info@maastrichtphotofestival.nl For more information, images or other press questions, contact:

Bert Janssen E: E: bert@maastrichtphotofestival.nl